Take the Bull by the Horns- (Kariga Mombe)

from by Gina Ferrera

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Kariga Mombe- means “taking the bull by the horns.”
can also mean "undefeatable---one who can throw a bull to the ground".
traditional mbira music from Zimbabwe.

Gina Ferrera- mbira, percussion, vocals, drums, production, keys.

the following text is taken from: www.yeshemusic.com/instruments.htm
and details more about mbira music.

The Mbira 'Dzavadzimu' (directly translated as mbira of the ancestors) of the Zezuru group of the Shona people of Zimbabwe, Africa.It consists of 22 to 28 metal keys mounted on a 'gwariva' (hardwood sound-board). The mbira is usually placed inside a large calabash resonator (deze) to amplify it. The mbira is played with the two thumbs stroking down and the right forefinger stroking up. Either metal beads strung on a wire, or bottle tops or shells mounted on a metal plate, are placed on the lower portion of the mbira soundboard to add a buzz which varies from a soft hiss to a tambourine-like sound. Bottle tops or shells are also mounted on the deze to increase the buzz. The buzz is considered an essential part of the mbira sound, required to clear the mind of thoughts and worries so that the mbira music can fill the consciousness of the performers and listeners. The buzz adds depth and context to the clear tones of the mbira keys, and may be heard as whispering voices, singing, tapping, knocking, wind or rain.Many different mbira tunings are used, according to personal preference.

Mbira and Healing
Mbira music has been used by the Shona people of Zimbabwe to heal physical and mental illness for more than a millennium. For the Shona, healing results from both the mbira’s sound and its power to summon ancestor spirits who influence the health of the living.The Shona describe that, "when you listen to mbira, you are a spirit. Your thoughts and worries are gone and your body can heal". The sound of mbira will affect you with or without your belief in its healing power.The purifying, healing sound of mbira, which for a thousand years has been a sacred mystical music of the Shona people, is used in Zimbabwe to induce spirit possession trances, in traditional healing practices, for personal meditation, and in celebrations.


"It's going to be alright!"


from Laws of Nature, released March 14, 2014
Gina Ferrera- mbira, percussion, vocals, drums, production, keys.
Mix/Master- Lucas Dutton



all rights reserved


Gina Ferrera Los Angeles, California

Gina Ferrera is a visionary with a passion for folkloric drum, dance music and their combined expression in electronic music. Gina is a seasoned drummer & percussionist, an educator and a specialist in African music & emerging technology. Her performances feature a hybrid of live percussion and electronic drums. She seamlessly fuses ancient tribal rhythms with live drumming, production & vocals. ... more

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